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Multiple buttons in form
Multiple buttons in form

Multiple buttons in form

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This way there is no inconvenience with multiple languages (in the former solution, the label of the button Using multiple submit buttons on a single form : Do you need to have more than one submit button on your HTML form? Looking for a way to check which submit Oct 27, 2008 - Multiple Submit Buttons on HTML Forms: Alternate Methods. Note: If you are May 27, 2012 - so in other words i'd like to have multiple submit buttons in the same form point to different actions. . One button goes back I hope this helps. Also learn how to disable I'm just doing the trick of float ing the buttons on the Feb 13, 2009 - I have two submit buttons in a form. If its not possible without Javascript, i don't In the HTML4 specification, the term form control is now used as the generic term for input , button etc., and the present web page has been updated to take By using this method, we can save a lot of time by not having to code extra forms. Aug 1, 2008 - Let's say you create a Wizard in an HTML form. HTML forms often need to present a choice between two or more operations on you can't use multiple buttons to submit form only one button can work at one time but you can have multiple submit button on one page for one <SCRIPT> function submitFunction(i) { if (i==1) document.theForm.action= ""; if (i==2) document.theForm.action= The basics of an HTML form submit button is discussed first in this article, moving towards more advanced topics like multiple submit buttons.
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